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Investment Overview

Infrastructure, regeneration and placemaking are key features of the Group’s investment strategy and are reflected in our track record. This long-term ethos is encapsulated in our company motto – determination, perseverance and patience.

You can find details of our investments here.

The Peel Group is a diverse and dynamic enterprise - underlying our approach is a strong commitment to invest in tangible assets.

The Peel Group is controlled by the Billown Trust, which is based in the Isle of Man. The remainder of the Group is owned by the Olayan Group, a private multi-national investor, centred in Saudi Arabia.

The Olayan Group

Founded in 1947, The Olayan Group is a private, multi-national enterprise with an actively managed portfolio of international investments and an array of commercial and industrial operations in the Middle East. Investing both directly and in partnership with leading developers, the Group has a diverse real estate portfolio that includes commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties.

The Olayan Group remains a closely held enterprise that combines the advantages of a decades-old institution with those of a family-owned business. It has the financial wherewithal to participate in major transactions, the resilience to withstand market volatility, and the agility to quickly capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. The Group has main offices in Athens, London, Riyadh and New York.

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