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Our Ethos

Unlike publicly-listed companies where the emphasis is on the distribution of dividends to shareholders, our business model is driven by reinvestment and compounding growth into future projects.

"We pride ourselves on an emotional as well as a financial investment in everything that we do and we believe this is reflected in the returns over the last four decades." John Whittaker, Chairman, The Peel Group

While we have a primary focus in the North West of England, we also have significant direct and indirect investments across the UK – from outlet malls to ports, and major urban regeneration developments in Glasgow and Chatham in Kent.

Our investments are made either directly through Peel L&P or via a wide range of partnerships and shareholdings in private and public companies. Our private shareholdings include Peel Ports and dock10 while we also invest in PLCs such as Harworth Group and PowerHouse Energy.

You can find more details of our investments here.