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Paul Maddison

Vice Chairman Of FODSA

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We started out as airport enthusiasts but now it’s all about Doncaster.

As Doncaster’s RAF Finningley approached its closure date in 1996, retired ambulance Operations Manager Paul Maddison, from Arksey near Doncaster, was inspired to campaign for a much-needed commercial airport to be developed on the former military site.

Paul joined a small group of like-minded locals (with the late Ken Clark at the helm) who had set up a group called ‘FLY’ – Finningley Locals Say Yes – and campaigned tirelessly, even taking their cause to 10 Downing Street, to help make Doncaster Airport a reality. When the airport opened in 2005 the group became Friends of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (FODSA), and today the 100-strong team of volunteers dedicate their spare time to promoting and supporting the airport at each and every opportunity.

“Every day we have a team of ambassadors at the airport who meet and greet people as they arrive. The very young and older travellers can often feel apprehensive when they arrive at the airport, so it’s nice for them to be met by a friendly face who can point them in the right direction.”

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